Dr. Amy Price Azano

Dr. Amy Price Azano is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Virginia Tech. Her scholarship focuses on rural education, critical pedagogies of place, and special populations in rural schools.

She is the co-Principal Investigator of Promoting PLACE (Place, Literacy, Achievement, Community, and Engagement) in Rural Schools, a five-year, $1.9 million U.S. Department of Education grant designed to support gifted education programs in high-poverty rural communities. Amy serves on the executive committee of the Rural Education SIG (AERA), co-directs the Rural School-Community Partnership Research Consortium, and serves on the editorial boards for the Journal of Research in Rural Education and the Rural Educator.

Rural education project highlights are:

Azano, Downey & Brenner offer a review of challenges related to preparing pre-service teachers for rural schools with an asset-focused approach to resist deficit ideologies: Preparing pre-service teachers for rural schools

Eppley, Azano, Brenner, & Shannon provide a policy brief in The Rural Educator, asking “What counts as evidence in rural schools?” and advocating for practice-based evidence as a socially just alternative in rural education research.

Rural Project:

Promoting Place in Rural Schools is a 5-year, federally funded grant focused on developing a unique approach to supporting gifted education programs in high-poverty rural communities. Its goals are to 1. increase the number of students identified for gifted education in high poverty, rural schools; 2. develop place-based language arts units for rural gifted learners; 3. implement interventions to increase a growth mindset and reduce rural stereotype threat; 4. increase achievement in language arts; and 5. increase student engagement and self-efficacy.

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