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Your story project

Your Story Our Journey

Our learning journey travels across Nations and songlines into our early learning centres, our schools and our universities, to create powerful educative partnerships. Your story, our story, sparks new conversations and connections and possibilities.
Leyton Schnellert

Rural Education Advisory

Dr. Leyton Schnellert is the Project Co-Chair Rural Education Advisory

Renewing rural and regional teacher education curriculum.

Renewing rural and regional teacher education curriculum [online resource].

Promoting Place in Rural Schools

Promoting Place in Rural Schools is a 5-year, federally funded grant focused on developing a unique approach to supporting gifted education programs in high-poverty rural communities.

The Rural Vitality Lab

The Rural Vitality Lab is currently engaged in a long-term research-practice partnership with rural Maine schools to address childhood adversity and trauma in their communities. This work is supported by the American Educational Research Association, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and the Sewell Foundation.
Leyton Schnellert

Growing Innovation in Rural Sites of Learning

 Researchers have investigated multiple topics in rural education, from teaching & learning in rural schools, to the sociology of rural communities, to teacher preparation for small schools.
Jayne Downey

Rural Lessons

Rural Lessons: Early Career Teachers in Rural Contexts Share Advice for Preparation Programs, Professors, and Future Rural Teachers.
Leyton Schnellert

Sexual Health Knowledge and Intellectual Disability

Sex, Lies & Citizenship is a 3 – year community-based participatory theatre project focused on improving sexual health knowledge and positive sexuality among self advocates.
Associate Professor Hernán Cuervo

Enhancing desirability: supporting teacher candidates in their placements to succeed in rural schools

Lead Chief Investigator: A/Prof Hernan Cuervo