Aligning AIJRE Research with the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education

Australian and International Journal of Rural Education

Susan Ledger and Jayne Downey

The first issue of AIJRE for 2018 is timely and significant as it coincides with many global initiatives and interest in regional, rural and remote education (RRRE). This issue centres on showing alignment across the globe on common RRRE issues and a call for an alliance of international researchers interested in RRRE.

The collection of articles in this issue align with common global RRRE issues currently surfacing in public and academic contexts. For example, in Australia, Halsey (2018) released the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education (IRRRRE) and the Australian Government’s response to the IRRRRE (2018). The commissioned Review was ‘part of the Australian Government’s commitment to improve the education of country students so they can reach their full potential and participate in Australia’s economy’. In Spain, a special edition of the magazine Guix 443 provided an international gaze on rural education highlighting a diverse range of contributions from around the globe. The authors found that in Burkina Faso, schools deal with terrorism, adverse weather and wild animals; significant differences were identified between Australia’s policy documents and state directives; multi-age grouping and socio-economic peripheries were the focus of rural schools in Italy; Argentina’s most southern school introduced remote to the discussion; changes and continuities in schools from the north-east of China revealed transition issues; camp schools in Brazil highlighted the importance of building on asset based contexts, such as strengthening agricultural knowledge. It is clear that issues of RRRE are being discussed in a range of public and commercial forums in addition to academics and refereed journals providing leverage and opportunity to the field.

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