In situ hybrid spaces as generative sites for teacher preparation.

McGill Journal of Education

Leyton Schnellert, & D. Kozak

In this research report, we, a university professor and an early learning and literacy school district coordinator, share a case study documenting how we collaborated to create in situ learning that transformed the relationship between our institutions through situated reciprocal learning.

By “in situ,” we mean instructors and teacher candidates are not only physically located in a local elementary school for coursework, but also engage with teachers and learners in classrooms to co-construct understandings of practice and curriculum drawing from practitioner and academic knowledge, theory, and experience.

This case study also illustrates how collaboration between researchers and practitioners can lead to renewal of university-school district relationships, recast how teacher candidates are prepared, and support curriculum and school renewal.

McGill Journal of Education 54(1), 14 pages. Read full article