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Australian Rural Pathways Advisors: Narratives of Place and Practice

Doctoral Dissertation

by Fuqua, Melyssa
This thesis explored the links between rurality and the work of Australian rural pathways advisors.

Leading Education Innovations in Rural Schools: Reflections from i3 Grantees

Leading Education Innovations in Rural Schools

by Fox, T.; Friedrich, L., Harmon, H., McKithen, C., Phillips, A., Savell, S., Schaefer, V., & Silva, M.
The Investing in Innovation (i3) Improving Rural Achievement Community, a professional learning community of grantees under the i3 program, created this document to share knowledge and experiences related to working in rural districts across the United States.

Teachers as self- and co-regulating Learners.

Psychology Today

by Leyton Schnellert, & Deborah L. Butler
What qualities of professional development (PD) support teachers’ learning and practice? Much attention has been focused on how to best conceptualize and approach teachers' early and on-going professional development. Yet, in spite of over two decades of research, most professional development does not adequately consider what we know about teacher learning

In situ hybrid spaces as generative sites for teacher preparation.

McGill Journal of Education

by Leyton Schnellert, & D. Kozak
In this research report, we, a university professor and an early learning and literacy school district coordinator, share a case study documenting how we collaborated to create in situ learning that transformed the relationship between our institutions through situated reciprocal learning.

Renewing rural and regional teacher education curriculum

Australian Teaching and Learning Council

by Simone White, J Kline, W Hastings, & G Lock
Recruiting and retaining well-prepared teachers for rural and regional schools, remains an ongoing issue faced by all State based jurisdictions in Australia.

Getting better together: Innovations for rural learners and communities

Association of educational service agencies

by Hobart L Harmon & Thomas A Butler
Is your Educational Service Agency (ESA) getting better at meeting the needs of school districts? Are educated learners and viable communities important outcomes of rural school districts receiving services from the ESA? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then what process is in place to give ESA leadership confidence that the organization is getting better at meeting the unique educational challenges of rural learners and their communities?

Researching Rural Places

Qualitative Inquiry

by Philip Roberts, & Green, B.
This paper explores some of the political and methodological challenges involved in researching rural education. It begins by outlining the situation in Australia regarding the relationship between social justice and rural education.

The math learning gap: Preparing stem technicians for the new rural economy

The Rural Educator

by Hobart L. Harmon & Sandy C. Wilborn
The Rural Math Excel Partnership (RMEP) identified math competencies used by technicians in the workplace compared to standards of learning required in the public school curriculum. A modified DACUM process revealed 39 math competencies used by technicians in STEM-related occupations of the rural region.

Oxford University Press Preparing pre-service teachers for rural schools.

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education

by Amy Azano, Jayne Downey, & Devon Brenner
Preparing pre-service teachers for rural schools. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Oxford University Press.

Aligning AIJRE Research with the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education

Australian and International Journal of Rural Education

by Susan Ledger and Jayne Downey
The first issue of AIJRE for 2018 is timely and significant as it coincides with many global initiatives and interest in regional, rural and remote education (RRRE). This issue centres on showing alignment across the globe on common RRRE issues and a call for an alliance of international researchers interested in RRRE.

Strengthening Rural Education: Gathering Research from Around the Globe

The Rural Educator

by Simone White and Jayne Downey
The papers and authors in this Special Issue ultimately bring alive the complex and interwoven layers of education, globalization, and rurality/regionality, both for themselves as researchers and for the places and people they research.

Engagement, empowerment and equity in rural education

Australian and International Journal of Rural Education

by Susan Ledger
Welcome to the second issue of AIJRE for 2019. The diverse papers from Australia and USA represent the collaborative endeavours of 18 researchers and practitioners interested in people living, teaching and learning in diverse rural, regional and remote (RRR) contexts around the globe.

Rural Educational Attainment: The Importance of Context

Journal of Research in Rural Education

by Sarah Schmitt-Wilson, Jayne A. Downey and Ashley E. Beck
Understanding patterns of educational attainment among rural youth is a critical concern for our nation as we seek to make postsecondary access and attainment more equitable across our increasingly diverse student population.